Face to face coaching with elisa jane


I was lost and for my birthday I treated myself to Elisa Jane tarot Coaching 

To say it was the best thing I ever did is an understatement. 

Elisa's straight talk, no bullshit approach gave me so much insight into my life 

Elisa has so much knowledge and wisdom and has truly changed my life, my energy and the direction I will go in my life for the better.

Elisa is THE BEST ! Elisajanetarot was a dream to connect with.

 I cannot recommend Elisa enough she is life-changing and beyond amazing!!

I got so much out of Elisajanetarot coaching I can't even put into words how much Elisa has put me back into my power.

Elisa has given me purpose in life, love and career and sincerely saved my life

I have made life changing changes since

Elisa really saved my life!!

                                                                    Tina Mc -Carthy

Hi Elisa 

I just wanted to thank you so much for pretty much saving my life emotionally. 

I am a Gemini woman and 6 months ago you gave me a reading regarding a Scorpio man I was heavily involved with and being messed about by. Your reading was brutal and very hard to hear but you were 100% accurate in all you said. Not only that, listening to the things you said about men in general and about this man has given me strength when I’ve been at my lowest lately. 

I’m now alone and trying to heal and work on myself. 

I just wanted to sincerely thank you. I’m a big fan and I will be ordering another read soon. 



Thank you, I appreciate your honesty, I needed to hear this. This made me really look at my shadow and take a good look at myself.



Hi Elise thank you for your reading absolutely spot on I've delayed having a reading because I knew what it would say.



Thank you lovely - you’re spot on 

Take care.

                                                                             Ali xx

First I want to say wow! That was the best reading ever. You were spot on about everything.



I always take a deep breath with your readings because I know you are going to hit me between the eyes.




This reading couldn't have been more dead on. 


OMFG have you been stalking me  

Everything was so accurate it was crazy. You had me in tears laughing too. 



This was great advice and very accurate.You are hilarious.


Thank you very much for your reading. It's accurate approx 99.9999%